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Your sales journey will experience highs and lows. Remember - you are not alone. Here are some free resources that have helped me overcome sales challenges. Download them here. Start taking action and sell with confidence. 

Never seem to know what to say? 

Word-for-Word Sales Scripts

We all hate sounding awkward, or even worse; sounding “salesy”. 

These 11 different sales scenarios will help you learn how to handle such sales situations with a grounded and genuine approach. 

Download my Word-for-Word Sales Scripts to close more deals!  

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Never any time to sell?  

"Sell More in Less Time" Planner

Time just seems to fly by every day as an entrepreneur. 

Do you feel exhausted but not productive? 

Feel like you can never get everything done? 

Take a deep breath. You really can do it! 

Download my "Sell More in Less Time" Planner and get productive.  

Feeling nervous about sales? 

Guided Meditation for Overcoming Anxiety in Sales  

Are you filled with doubt? 

Do you get anxious when you think about sales? 

I use guided meditation whenever I experience negative energy when it comes to my business and my everyday life. 

Download my one-page Guided Meditation and swap those negative thoughts for motivation and confidence!  

Don't know where to start?

Sales Engagement Roadmap

You need a system! 

If you’re wondering how to get that complete stranger to become your perfect client, 

I have a strategy for you. 

My Sales Engagement Roadmap helps you draft a step-by-step plan to convert potential clients. 

Now you can sell with confidence. Click to download. 


About Melinda

Busy Mom to William and Michael, Melinda is Director of Sales for a sporting goods company that sells to some of the largest companies in the world. She is also the founder of Women Making Big Sales, where she shares her everyday sales strategies to help female entrepreneurs reach their goals. 

Everyday, she is blessed with the opportunity to work with ambitious and amazing women around the world.  

"Life is too short to be selling alone. Together, we can make big sales!"

 ~ Melinda Chen

"It is genuis, on target and easy to do...

No more wasting money, feeling frustrated or spinning my wheels. I used her strategy and within days got in front of key client opportunities."

~ Debora McLaughin 

CEO of th Renegade Leader Coachig

"This is powerful..

What you taught is simple, but extremely logical. From Heart of Sales, I don’t feel like I am selling, but building relationships with my prospective clients.”

~ Irene Moore

Founder, Digital Marketing London