Are You a Female Entrepreneur Struggling to Achieve the Sales Your Business Needs to Succeed?

Most Small Female Entrepreneurs Fill Their Business With SMALL-SCALE Clients Which Means They Have To Constantly CHASE New Business.

What If I Could Show You How To Attract BIG Clients Paying You Big?

Discover How With The:

Heart of Sales: The Systematic Method to Winning Big Clients

Heart of Sales is a 12-week Program

  • Focused on securing big clients in order to dramatically grow your business.
  • A comprehensive sales training strategy, from identifying the decision-maker to closing your sale
  • Simple to implement and ready for immediate use.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get from this exclusive course created by super-sales-expert Melinda Chen (founder of Women Making BIG Sales):

  • The key to overcoming any fears you might have around selling
  • The blueprint to getting new, BIG (high paying) clients.
  • The skills and knowledge you need to make BIG SALES yourself – without having to hire a sales manager, or ask friends or family to step in.
  • Sales training that’s right for you, however much sales experience you have (or don’t have!) and whatever industry you work in.

How do you know that this course is the right fit for YOU?

  • Are you a female entrepreneur or business owner with ambitions to work with big clients on lucrative projects?
  • Are you looking to give your business sales a dramatic boost, whether that’s to make a seriously high income or to be able to work less hours to spend time on yourself or with your family?
  • Are you running yourself ragged, working long hours for lots of different clients, because the clients you have aren’t paying you enough?

Let me introduce myself, and tell you a little bit more about why I’m in the perfect position to help…

My name is Melinda Chen, and my sales ‘career’ started at the age of 15, when I attended trade shows with my father to translate. Despite the fact I wasn’t involved in the sales, I was able to observe and soon realized how tough sales and business can be.

My most memorable moment during those trade shows was the time that my father and I waited outside the client booth for over an hour just to talk to a prospective client. Since my father barely spoke English, he didn’t exactly have a long list of clients to talk to. At the end of the wait, we only got to speak with the client for 2 minutes. That was when I realized that my father only had a small list of client he could sell to and that was why he had no choice but to rely only on these people.

In my first job after graduation, International Sales Manager in an education industry, I learned a really important lesson about price from my then boss.

My clients were complaining about the price of the program I was selling, and I kept asking my boss about cutting the price – despite the fact he kept telling me it’s never about pricing.

After a while, he decided to let me find that out for myself, so he let me cut the price.

And guess what?

I STILL didn’t get more clients!

So what changed for me?

After reading over 20 sales training books, making over 5,000 cold calls, and studying the art of selling with seasoned professionals, I realized that there is a process to selling. It’s not an arbitrary notion.


There is a distinct process to learn and apply.


After 15 years in sales, my clients include:

  • Professionals in a wide range of industries, including education, investment, consumer goods and consulting.
  • Businesses all over the world, from North and South America to Europe and Asia, including Nike and Berlitz..
  • Industry leaders, including leading brands.

“I knew the work I did delivered a great ROI to my clients, increasing revenues, productivity and positivity in the organizations I work with. The problem was I didn’t always know how to articulate that value and say it in a way that turned the heads of my ideal clients.

On my own I used esoteric language they didn’t resonate with, I spoke more about my process vs the solution they wanted. I hired expensive copywriters who wrote words for me that flowed but didn’t result in business. It was frustrating and I didn’t know what to do until I met Melinda.

Melinda taught me her signature “insider secrets” to identify and articulate my value proposition so it was right on target, meeting the hearts and minds of my hiring clients and setting me apart from my competitors.

She shared her methodology to identify the key success drivers in my prospects, long before I even spoke with them. She developed the system to access my clients through a peripheral strategy that gets them hearing about me long before the first phone call or email.

It is genius, on target and easy to do. No more wasting money, feeling frustrated or spinning my wheels. I used her strategy and within days got in front of key client opportunities.”

Debora McLaughlin

CEO, The Renegade Leader Coaching & Consulting Group

You’re probably thinking ‘But why is this course targeting women specifically? Why don’t I just take any sales training course that’s for women AND me? What’s the difference with YOUR program?’


Let me tell you why…

With my financial knowledge in trading, I was recruited by one of the more prestigious financial firm to be the stock broker. I was one of the youngest investment brokers and one of the few female brokers in the bank.

I started seeing how other brokers use their man’s way of selling, and even the women in the firm tried to emulate their sales behavior and ‘sell like a man’. I tried that too, but soon realized that it just wasn’t working.

Then, I noticed that more and more of my clients were telling me that they felt more comfortable speaking with me than other men. That’s when I started to develop a unique process of RELATIONSHIP selling.

I became a mom in 2011 and became aware of the huge number of moms trying to start their own business. After all, what could be better than having a flexible working schedule that fits around their families?

There are so many mom entrepreneurs who are amazingly talented and have wonderful products, but they are afraid to sell.

So, they under-sell their products and find themselves working long hours because of the low prices they’re charging.

And I Have Made It My Mission To help more women find big clients and charge more for their services and products.


Introducing your key to unlocking fantastic working relationships with BIG (PAYING) CLIENTS…


Why am I talking about BIG clients when it comes to making BIG sales?

Think about your current clients for a moment, and I’m going to assume here that you have a number of smaller clients.

You may have GREAT relationships with them, and you might even be making a decent living from the work they send your way, but my question is – at what cost?

Because if you’re working all the hours under the sun to make that living, what’s the point of working for yourself?

Where are the benefits, the time spent with your children, your partner, your friends, time you can use to travel, or to learn that new language, or anything else you’ve always dreamed of?

You see, when you work with small clients, you commonly find these issues:

  • Not very clear of their overall business strategy, meaning that sales relationships are likely to be short.
  • Less stable, meaning more chance of their business failing and you losing them as a client.
  • And most important of all – sensitivity to price and a limited budget!

No matter HOW nice a client is, HOW great your relationship is and HOW much you respect their business and enjoy working with them, if they don’t have the right budget, you’re wasting your time.

Let’s look at the benefits of going after big sales with big clients:

  • Longer, more stable sales relationships.
  • More credibility for your business.
  • The freedom to work with fewer clients.
  • MORE free time, HIGHERincome.

It’s SO important to think like the successful businesswoman you are to get the sales and the lifestyle you deserve, and I’m here to help you achieve that…

How the course works:

‘Heart of Sales’ is a comprehensive 12-week course that’s designed especially to give more power to passionate female entrepreneurs just like you.


Program Schedule:

  • Week 1 – 3: Setting up Sales Strategy and Sales Action Plan
  • Week 4 – Week 12:
    • Strategy Implementation: I’m here to make sure that the strategy is implemented as planned.
    • Sales Activity Tracking: Creating sales is all about persistence. Just like a fitness coach, I’m here to keep you accountable to your goals and track your activities.
    • Sales mentoring: Got a question? Want to know what to say. I am here to give you feedback whenever is needed via email. If necessary, we will jump into a phone call to talk about your sales.

You’ll get:

  • 2 hour “Discover Your Sales Potential” session. (One-on-one session via Skype)
    • By the end of this session:
      • Define your target market
      • Your business network check-up.
      • Your Sales Goals
      • Your Initial Action Plan for the next 12 weeks
      • Setting up your time and Client Management System
  • Complete access to all my online training. 
    • Including: Let me Find Your Perfect Clients, Client-Centric Sales Proposition and Sales Prospecting Blueprint and MUCH MORE.
  • 12 weekly 1:1 call
  • Unlimited email support
    • Yes, you have access to my brain 24-7. Just booked a meeting with a big prospect? Need some inspirations? Got an urgent question? Send me an email and I will reply to any questions you have within 24 business hours.

PLUS my complete list of worksheets and tools, including:

  • Sales activity tracker
  • Sales Proposition Generator
  • The Ultimate Client Research Cheat Sheet
  • Prospecting Stacking Generator
  • 12-page Word-for-Word sales script
  • Ultimate Email Templates
  • Complete Guide to Objection Handling
  • Sales meeting agenda and checklist

And, much more. 



Why wait any longer?

  • Imagine…knowing exactly how to connect with big decision-makers.
  • Imagine…having the confidence to make amazing business propositions.
  • Imagine…being regarded as an industry leader because of the clients you have.
  • Imagine…focusing on doing what you do best, rather than chasing after small clients.

“Melinda helped me get in front of a big client in less than one week! I have a PR agency and would love to work with a big client in fashion industry.

After the first week in her Heart of Sales program, we identified some big clients to work with. Melinda coached me how to approach these clients with impact and without being salesy. She helped me prepare successful sales proposal for big clients.

Melinda has been such a wonderful asset to my life. She really believed in my abilities when I didn’t. She has helped me every step of way to achieve my sales goals. She is a true inspiration and a really great person.

She has given me sales knowledge I will use for the rest of my life in my business and share with others. She has been such a great mentor for me and if you are reading this know she will do the same for you. Thank you Melinda and I look forward to our long lasting friendship!!”

Jaclyn Zukerman

CEO, JZ Social Enterprises

All this AND MORE is within your reach TODAY!


Apply Now and Start to Land Big Clients for Your Business


Get Your First BIG Client In 6 Months – Or Your Money Back

I’m confident in my ability to sell and in my processes that’ll help you become a wonderful business owner, commanding the best fees and biggest clients. I guarantee that Heart of Sales is going to change your life, and your business. In fact, I’m SO sure of it, that I’ll give you SIX MONTHS to go through this entire process and land your first big client. If you follow everything and you don’t get your first client, I’ll refund 100% of your money.That’s it, no questions asked, you’ll get it all back straight away!

“This is powerful. What you taught is simple, but extremely logical. From Heart of Sales, I don’t feel like I am selling, but building relationships with my prospective clients.”

Irene Moore

Founder, Digital Marketing London

“I enlisted Melinda’s help with a sales strategy initiative for my business – Aspiring Mompreneur. Part of my business includes clients who are interested in doing business with large corporations. I was not sure how to structure my sales process and best advice my clients. Melinda’s expertise that includes Global 500 sales experience is very evident. She covers essential topics like creating an efficient sales process to capture additional revenue, tapping into the expertise of a company’s sales/marketing team, establishing which clients to target & key decision makers, and more. I am glad that I reached out to Melinda. She saw several areas in my business that needed refining, in particular clarifying my value proposition. “Heart of Sales” is an excellent program for any business regardless of size.”

Irene Krasnoff

CEO, Aspiring Mompreneur

Now you’ve got no excuse, book your package today!

Looking forward to working with you!

Melinda Chen