indirectly In this engaging episode, I had the opportunity to speak with Tamara Romeo, aka ‘The Design Boss’. Tamara is the founder of San Diego Office Design, an award-winning interior design firm that helps companies create inviting workspaces that express and support their brand and culture.

Here’s what we discussed: 

  • Tamara’s entrepreneurial journey, and how she got her foot in the door using a simple yet effective sales tactic. 
  • The sales strategy that is working for her, and how to create an immersive experience to attract business clients. 
  • The importance of creating authentic content. 
  • How to develop a brand voice that has purpose and authenticity. 
  • Tamara’s advice for entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed by sales and marketing. 
  • How to transform your ‘yucky’ sales mindset to one of purpose and ease. 

Listen in for more about how Tamara closes big sales!

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