Sales Training

Designed specifically for female entrepreneurs selling to big clients in today's busy business world, our sales training courses focus on using simple and proven sales strategies to help you master the art of selling to big clients and succeed in this complex sales environment.

Online Training

Find Your Perfect Clients

Learn how to...

Identify your perfect prospects who need your help and who can afford your service, 

Have you been sitting on a pile of gold? Discover your hidden opportunities and convert them to actual clients.

Generate your "Perfect Client" list with their direct contact info and start selling to them now.

Online Training

Generate Prospecting Strategy

Learn how to 

Identify best prospecting strategy for your business and your ideal big clients,

Stack your prospecting strategies to get the attention of hard-to-reach prospects,

Plan to get more sales with less time. 

Online Training

Generate Your Irresistible Sales Proposition

Learn how to... 

Get the attention of your important prospects, 

Align your unique solutions to the urgent needs, pains and problems of your prospects,

Engage with your prospects with confidence and authenticity.

Heart of Sales VIP Coaching

One-on-One Coaching and Done-For-You Complete Sales Roadmap 

"What should I say when my clients do not write me back?" "How do I generate leads consistently and easily?" "How do I close the sales?"

This program is designed to answer all the questions you have about your business and landing big clients. Together, I help you create your complete sales roadmap, powered with email templates, sales scripts, and marketing assets to help you land your big clients. 


About Melinda

As a busy mom of William and Michael, Melinda is the Director of Sales selling to some of the largest companies in the world. She is also the founder of Women Making Big Sals, where she shares her everyday sales strategies to help female entrepreneurs reach their sales goals. 

Everyday, she is blessed with the opportunities to work with ambitious and amazing women around the world.  

"Life is too short to be selling alone. Together, we can make big sales."

 ~ Melinda  

"It is genuis, on target and easy to do...

No more wasting money, feeling frustrated or spinning my wheels. I used her strategy and within days got in front of key client opportunities."

~ Debora McLaughin 

CEO of th Renegade Leader Coachig

"This is powerful..

What you taught is simple, but extremely logical. From Heart of Sales, I don’t feel like I am selling, but building relationships with my prospective clients.”

~ Irene Moore

Founder, Digital Marketing London