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What Clients Say

I joined Melinda’s Executive Lounge in July and it has been an incredible experience. As a small business owner, I now have the support and feedback from Melinda, a 20+ year B2B sales veteran, and a team of top female entrepreneurs to keep me accountable to my goals! If you are looking to up your sales game and meet your goals, I highly recommend this unique sales mastermind group!
Jennifer Seay
President of Art + Artisans Consulting
Thanks to Melinda, I landed my $120K deal and worked with my ideal client as a new entrepreneur!
Liz Robinson
Owner of L.Robinspires
This feels SO possible, and I am feeling really proud of myself for keeping going when things were really tough earlier this year. I also know that joining this Executive Lounge was pivotal to my sales success.
Sheree Comninellis
Founder and Director of Brain eBox

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