“Foolproof Formula to Writing a Kick-Ass Follow Up Email.”

You had a great meeting with a prospective client. You are excited about the potential project, and can’t wait to start working with this client.

Now a week has passed, and you still do not hear from this client.

What should you do? It is time to start writing a follow up email to this prospective client.

But, how to write a kick-ass follow up email to increase your chances of a reply?

I have used the following formula over and over to help me connect with my prospects. Before talking about the formula, here are some best practices when writing follow up email to increase your chances of success with your prospective clients.

1) Don’t Send A Just To Follow Up Email

Every connection that you have with your prospective clients is another opportunity to reinforce your value, and for them to get to know you better. So, do not waste your follow up email to “just to follow up” without providing any value.

2) Customize Your Follow Up Email Based On Your Relationship Status With Your Prospect

Think about your previous contact with your clients and use a follow up email to reinforce your message.

All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust ~ Bog Burg

So, think of your previous contacts with your prospect:

  • Does your prospect know your services well enough?
  • Have you built a personal connection with your prospect?
  • Does your prospect trust your offering?

Use the follow up email to reinforce these relationships.

3) Show, Don’t Tell. 

Every follow up email should be opportunities to show your clients what you can do for them, rather than tell them what you can do.

Here are examples of “showing” your clients, rather than “telling”.

Your Success Stories

Showing your clients success stories is one of the best ways to build trust. Let them know what you have accomplished for others, and that you can do the same for them.

“I recently helped ______ increased their sales by 40% and I would love to share with you how I did it. “

Competitive Analysis

Let your prospects know key competitive information:

_____ (the prospect’s competitor) recently launched their brand new product line and received great success.

Industry News

Let your clients know about the breaking news in the industry. This demonstrates your authority and knowledge of the industry.

Position yourself as the subject expert on what you do.

Your News

Keep your prospects apprised of your marketing and PR news so that they know you are active in the community.

3) Keep Your Message Succinct

It is especially important to keep your messages succinct. Big clients like clear messages. They do not have the time to read long emails.

Always let them know that they can contact you if they want more information.

4) Use Follow Up Email Even When A Prospect Says No To You

Follow up with your prospects even when they say no you. Because this could be a great opportunity to set you apart from your competitors.

Now, here is my step-by-step formula for writing a follow up email.

(Remind your prospects of past contacts): For example, it was a pleasure meeting with you last week.

(Provide another opt-in ): I would like send you the attached online training that I recently conducted with _____ (client).

(Reinforce value proposition):  ____ had incurred $250K cost due to their high employee turnover. With my training, they have been able to increase their employee loyalty and save on this cost. The reality is engaged employees will save you from incurring turnover costs and increase your company revenue.

(Re-connect back with your target client): I am always available when you would like to discuss your business challenges.

Are you writing follow up email? Let me know what you come up with.