Is there a science behind taking baby steps, overcoming fear and staying motivated? In this Big Sales Talk Episode, I picked the brain of a Neuroscience Expert, Dr. Irena O’Brien, who enlightened me not only about the Science behind confidence and motivation but also reminded me of something that is really important but we tend to forget…diet and nutrition!

More About…
Dr. Irena O’Brien, PhD is a cognitive neuroscientist but started out her career as a Chartered Accountant. After 15 years in accounting, she made a major shift and returned to university. She obtained her PhD from UQAM and went on to do a Postdoctoral Fellowship at McGill. Irena has been researching and studying neuroscience for 20 years. She now focuses on translating academic research in neuroscience into practical strategies for health, happiness, and personal success. As the founder and director of The Neuroscience School, she provides reliable, actionable, and useful neuroscience info for coaches, HR professionals and executives. Irena is passionate about neuroscience and her mission is to make neuroscience accessible.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Irena O’Brien’s experience and expertise [1:10]
  • The Science behind taking baby steps to overcome fear [3:56]
  • How to overcome failure and keep motivated [5:30]
  • The importance of reframing and breaking down task [8:00]
  • Progress and meaningful work no matter how small increase motivation [10:13]
  • The most important thing for entrepreneurs to stay motivated [12:04]
  • How deep breathing calms the mind and improves self-confidence [15:17]
  • Visualizing the process makes the progress work [19:24]
  • What works better than self-affirmations [22:03]
  • Why you need to push your comfort zone just a little bit [24:46]
  • Perfectionism is an unattainable goal [25:54]
  • How a healthy diet affects mood, anxiety, aging and cognitive functioning [27:35]**Resources you definitely need to check out:** ****
    Irena O’Brien

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