Are you thinking of working with mid-to-large business or corporate clients? Or, perhaps you want to add to your existing business client base. You might be wondering – what are the keys to sales success when connecting with corporate or business clients?

Over the years, I’ve sold and launched countless outreach campaigns in different industries; I’ve also coached women in various industries and in several countries around the world. Some were great successes; others didn’t give me the success I’d have liked.

Today I’ll be sharing with you three key success factors for selling to corporate clients. Imagine knowing the keys to sales success, and being able to ensure you’re addressing those factors when you plan your next sales campaign!

Check out today’s episode – let’s learn and progress together.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Strategies on offering service/sale;
  • 3 Key Success Factors;
  • Tweaking and testing strategies for your sale success plan.

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