Why is it so difficult to be happy as an entrepreneur?

Our lives are often filled with stress and we become overwhelmed with negative feelings, such as self-doubt.

We created our businesses in order to bring about a sense of work-life balance and a level of freedom we desperately desire.

But why aren’t we happy as we make these dreams come true?

Here are some common entrepreneur mindset myths.
Today, let’s bust these myths open so you can start running your business with more joy and confidence.

Mindset Myth #1: “If I experience any negative feelings, I must be a failure.”

Guess what? All successful people have negative feelings and doubts.

Many people see success as a final destination. As soon as I reach “success”, I will be happy. The reality is, success is a constant moving target.

I used to think things like; If I can just close this deal, I will “be successful”.

But once I close my deal, I will be thinking about the next sale to close.

We always want to reach our next goal.

During the journey, the negative feelings will arrive in all shapes and sizes; from stress and fear, to self-doubt and regret. The important thing to remember is that this is entirely normal and will continue to happen.

So, don’t beat yourself up when you feel down. Stop judging yourself so harshly.

Remember, negative thoughts are completely normal and not an indication of failure.

Mndset Myth #2: “Once I am successful, I will no longer have any negative feelings.”

Instead of learning how to deal with negative feelings, we rely on the future version of ourselves.

We think all our negative thoughts will magically go away once we achieve our goals.

Since success is a moving target, and you will always be reaching for your next goal, you have to learn how to deal with your negative thoughts right away.

Don’t wait until you reach a goal to start trying to learn how to deal with the negative feelings that will still be there.

Instead, learn how to deal with your negative feelings. This will help you develop your mental resilience and you will be able to achieve your goals with more confidence and energy.

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Mindset Myth #3: “Other people seem more successful but don’t seem to have the same negative thoughts I do.”

When we feel down, we often feel like we are the only one suffering. We feel utterly alone dealing with our challenges. Then we turn on our social media. Scanning through the perfect lives of others – food, travel, laughter – makes us feel even more alone.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

All entrepreneurs experience the emotional roller coaster.
We all question our ability to succeed.
We all experience stress and burnouts.
We all wonder if we are doing the right thing.

Social media is a terrible way to gauge the real story; the struggles, the regrets, and the stress level of someone’s life. Facebook is a platform for the ideal, not the reality.

So stop comparing yourself to others and start learning how to dance with your negative thoughts.

Mindset Myth #4: “The best way to deal with my negative thoughts is to block them from my mind.”

We have negative thoughts in the first place because they are designed to protect us from danger, especially when we try something new or slightly uncomfortable.

They are a survival mechanism.

But trying something new and uncomfortable is what entrepreneurship is all about.

This is why we often experience emotional ups and downs.

Trying to block or suppress your negative thoughts is like waving your arms in the air when you see a swarm of bees. Being forceful will only aggravate your negative emotions.

Just like facing bees, the best way to deal with it is to stay calm. The bees will soon fly away.

Personally, I like to have fun with my negative thoughts. Sound odd? Here’s an example:

Me: “Hi negative thinking, here you are again! This must mean I am creating something new. Want to have a twirl with me right now? Feel free to stay for a bit while I work on my blog.”

Practicing a more relaxed (even sassy) attitude whenever you experience negative feelings will stop you from spiraling or panicking. It’s easier to accept them. Play with your negative thoughts for a bit, they will go away shortly.


You are going to have negative thoughts whether you consider yourself successful or not.

It is critical to learn how to deal with your negative thoughts.

Stay calm. Dance with your negative thoughts and they will soon dissipate.

I also use Guided Meditation when I experience negative thoughts.

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