Success in sales is based on doing a series of things right. I am here to share with you 4 simple exercises you can do you supercharge your sales skills.

Sales Skills Exercise 1: Develop your knowledge in your ideal clients. 

In today’s world, selling is all about addressing your ideal client’s urgent pains. The more you know about your prospects, the better you get at selling.
Start improving your sales skills by developing better knowledge of your clients and know the exact pains and opportunities they face.

Sales Skills in Action

Use LinkedIn or Twitter to build a watch list of your ideal clients.

Follow your ideal clients’ social media profiles and study what challenges or opportunities they are talking bout.

Ask yourself, “how do I help them overcome their obstacles and capture opportunities?”

Here are some basic information you should know about your prospects.

– Who are your target prospects?

– What are their neck bleeding pains / urgent priorities?

– What languages do their use?

– Who are their competitors?

– What are the industry trends they are facing?

– How do you align your products features / benefits to their needs?

Sales Exercise 2: Preparation

Successful sales people succeed by being prepared. Have you met someone who always knows what to say under different circumstances? There is nothing magical about this. It is simply called “preparation”.

Sales Skills in Action: 

Start writing down your sales process: lead generation, lead nurturing, meetings to closing the sales.
Then, write down what you need to say to lead your prospects to the next stage of the sales process. Then, start practicing the scripts until you feel comfortable and genuine.

If you need some ideas, I would love to share my scripts to get more sales.

  • How to ask for a meeting without sounding pushy.
  • How to ask for a business introduction like a pro.
  • How to transition from friendship to business relationship.
  • How to ask for client’s pains during business meetings.

Click here if you want to download my word-for-word sales scripts to get more sales.

Sales Exercise 3: Start training your mind to stay motivated

If you want to be a sales winner, you need to learn how to stay motivated and and positive.
The first tip to staying motivated to recognize that hearing “no” is inevitable in sales. No is actually the stepping stones to your sales success.

Sales Skills in action: 

Learn to celebrate the “no” you hear.
Reward yourself whenever you hear a # of no. For example, tell yourself that if I hear 10 “no”s, I will treat myself a great meal. This will fundamentally shift your perceptions to no. After a few times, you will no longer fear hearing nos.

Sales Exercise 4: Stop thinking, start selling. 

Do you have a strong fear in selling? Do you have trouble breathing and stutter with words whenever you think of sellin

With 15 years of sales experience, nothing will help you overcome your fear of selling by simply doing it. So, encourage yourself to stop thinking and start selling.
Start selling to small clients or strangers.

Sales Skills in Action: 

Join a few Facebook or LinkedIn groups where your target clients hang out. Identify a few active members who might be your ideal clients.

Reach out to them by saying:

“Hi John, I noticed your comments on LinkedIn group. I have a few ideas that might help your business. Would you like to talk about it?”

After a few tries, you will notice that you will no longer feel nervous about approaching people to talk about your services.

You can do the same thing in local networking groups, such as meetup or Chamber of Commerce.

These 4 simple exercises give you better knowledge of your clients, get prepared, stay motivated and put everything into actions.

Which one are you going to try first?

Let me know. I would love to hear your results.