It’s another brand new year, and there are plans you want to accomplish! Goals you want to achieve!

People often like to use New Year’s resolutions to prepare for the clean slate of a new year. Unfortunately, studies have shown that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Not a great statistic, is it?

However, there is a group of successful entrepreneurs out there who can stay motivated, optimistic, and persistent in order to reach their goals.

After having spoken with many successful entrepreneurs, and after having learned from my own successes and failures; here are the 5 most important ingredients for achieving sales success.

If you are able to cultivate these 5 ingredients, you’ll reach those goals you’ve set for yourself in 2020.

You’ll notice all 5 ingredients focus on mindset. Mindset and attitude are the foundation of your sales success. With the right mindset, you can always find the right opportunities, regardless of in which stage of business you currently find yourself.

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Tip #1: Nurturing a Positive Mindset

Many of us are taught that if you succeed, you will be happy…when, in fact, the research clearly shows us it is actually just the opposite. If you are happy; you will succeed.

If you are generally a positive and happy person, you are more likely to transfer that energy to those around you, and in doing so, inadvertently build up a strong network. This network becomes the connection you need to succeed in sales.

If you carry a positive mindset, you are far more likely to persevere when faced with the inevitable challenges.

If you carry a positive mindset, you will cultivate the mental capacity to process these challenges with more clarity, and ultimately find creative solutions for the obstacles you face.

All this will lead you to reach the success you desire.

So focus on building that positive mindset in preparation for a fantastic 2020!

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Tip #2: Laser-Focus

To succeed in sales, your focus must remain on one stage at a time. Just like building a house, you must focus on laying one brick at a time in order to form a solid foundation.

Find Your Ideal Clients → Get In Front of Your Ideal Clients → Get The Attention of Your Prospects → Ask for Business.

Instead, many entrepreneurs suffer from “shiny object syndrome”. In other words, that habit of abandoning one thing to chase another, more exciting prospect, or the next best strategy for acquiring clients.

As a result, they become overwhelmed and fail to understand why they are not getting the results they desire.

By becoming laser-focused, you avoid feeling overwhelmed and set a much more reasonable goal for yourself.

Rather than telling yourself something like: ‘I am going to make six figures by the end of the year’, you focus on specific, smaller, and more concrete goals, like: ‘I’m going to find 20 prospects who might be interested in my product in the next 30 days.’

These smaller goals are more achievable and see you remain accountable and motivated.

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Tip #3: Know Yourself

In his best selling book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, Daniel Coleman highlights
the first and most crucial characteristic of emotional intelligence as self-awareness, or “Know Yourself”.

We are all hard-wired to act a certain way. For example, I am a morning person and I get most of my best ideas early in the morning. I also write my blogs early in the morning. My husband is the opposite. He is a night owl and likes to do his work late at night when everyone is asleep.

Ask yourself: When am I the most optimistic, creative, happy, and energetic?

This time frame will be your golden hour.

Allocate your sales activities during these golden hours, such as writing emails to your prospects or creating sales hooks to get their attention.

Tip #4: Batch Selling

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. This is especially true as we’re just starting out and must do everything ourselves: from identifying the right business strategy, to answering every single customer question, and sending out invoices.

Time is extremely precious.

Even though sales is the most important parts of the business, we often end up neglecting this most crucial aspect.

Let’s face it; sales can feel tedious or overwhelming at times. Plus, we’re already so busy doing everything else!

Ironically, most folks will tell you being an entrepreneur means needing to sell all the time. If you are one of those people who can continuously sell non-stop, then go for it.

But chances are you are one of the much larger portion of us who cannot just sell all the time.

I have kids to take care of, two businesses to manage and, frankly, I need to do better than just selling all the time. Even though I sell what already feels like all the time, I need my alone and quiet time too.

So, how do we sell more with less time?

You group your sales activities together. By grouping a particular sales activity and doing them all at once, you become more efficient.

Let’s say you have a list of 20 important prospects you need to follow up with each week. Sending individual emails to 20 people can be very time-consuming. Instead, try creating a follow-up template and only customize part of the message. Writing up templates and customize 20 messages may take as little as 30 minutes. After that, you simply send the messages via copy & paste!

Learning how to batch sell is the key to selling consistently without feeling overwhelmed.

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Tip #5: Have a Community

Back in October, I was thinking about how I can best serve women like you. One morning, I bumped into a fellow female entrepreneur and I shared with her what I had been thinking about.

How do I help women better?
How can I help women sell better and more easily?

She replied: “Why don’t you ask them?”

Of course! Such a simple, yet powerful suggestion!

That simple question prompted me to send out questionnaires to my email subscribers. The replies from these questionnaires made me realize what people want is for me to provide an online community. A place where they can as questions, find answers, and feel supported whenever they need.

This prompted me to create my Sales Mastermind Group + Facebook group.

Sometimes we become so steeped in our own projects or business, we can’t see the obvious. One of the nice things about taking a step back to gain some clarity is finding out some of the problems we are facing might seem bigger than they actually are. We often forget to appreciate the progress we have made, instead only focusing on the obstacles still ahead.

Having a community of people who understand and support you can remind us of this, and that we are not alone in facing these problems.

“Life is too short to be selling alone!”

If you’d like to sell better and faster in 2020, start actively connecting with like-minded people who can give you the insight and support you need throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

If anything, you will feel less alone and more motivated knowing there are others who are also working hard toward their dreams—just like you!

Voila! These are the 5 most important ingredients to ensure your sales success for 2020.

Your entrepreneurial journey will be unique to you. 2020 will be full of surprises, excitement, the unexpected, and likely some disappointment and doubt as well.

If you want to cultivate these ingredients for success further, don’t forget to join our Sales Mastermind Group!

Together, let’s enjoy the ride and make big sales!