You are reading the comments posted in a Facebook group and you find yourself thinking…

“Wow, she seems to be struggling. I feel like I can help this person.”
“I feel good about this person. She could be a dream client!”

…You think of all the ways you could help this person. You start to think of the money you could make this month. Maybe you start to get excited about it!
…But then, those all-too-familiar voices start to whisper. Negative voices grow louder and louder.
The fears and the doubts you often hear whenever you consider pursuing a potential client.

“What if I am not good enough?”
“What if the person says no?”
“What would this person think of me? What do I say without sounding desperate or ‘salesy’?”

All of a sudden, the excitement you felt only 3 minutes ago is shattered. Evaporated, as if it was never there…

Does this sound familiar?

Believe me, I have been there!

I would write a sales email, research the prospect, perfect it.
But, the moment I pressed enter, the negative voices would start in on me:

“This person will never write you back!”

“The email was not good enough!”

The fact is these thoughts are completely normal and routine for me. Having been in sales for close to 20 years, I have heard those negative voices from the very beginning. Those voices, those thoughts, have pestered me all this time.

Don’t despair!

There is a way out. Those negative voices may be persistent, but they are false.

They are illusions made to feel real and truthful by your anxiety.

As a human being, you will always hear these false voices.

This is especially true when you are new to business or sales.

It’s completely normal because you are embarking on something entirely new and exciting. An adventure!

Any new adventure is frightening.

But don’t worry – there is a way to overcome that fear…

Here are my personal 5 quick hacks to boost your confidence for when you start to feel those doubts and fears creeping in:

Tip #1: Nip Anxiety in the Bud

Do you have someone in your life who always believes in you?

For me, that someone is my husband. He is an optimistic guy, and has always had my back; he believes that I can achieve anything in the world I set my mind to. I’m a lucky gal.

Whenever I feel down or uncertain, I know I can go to him for a pep-talk.

Think about it: who is the cheerleader in your life?

Some people are not as lucky as I am. If you can’t think of who your cheerleader is, consider approaching your favourite client…

Ask this client to write a quick testimony or review about you and your services. Most people are happy to do this. Keep it close. Keep it in your office, your desk, your bookshelf, or on your fridge. Make sure you can see it easily each day.

Look at it whenever you are down, uncertain, or when those negative voices start to gain ground. Look at it as a reminder that what you do is amazing. That you really are making a huge difference in the world! That you are worthy and you can do it!

Tip #2: Seek Out Happiness

I am a great lover of podcasts.

I was once listening to a great podcast from best-selling author, Shawn Achor .

He had one idea in particular that completely changed my entire life outlook:

“Success does not bring happiness, but happiness brings success.”

Let me repeat.

Happiness brings success!

Shawn suggests the practice of deliberately relaxing your mind and making yourself happy right before a big meeting.

The idea is, a happy mind makes you more productive.

Since then, I’ve been doing just that: whether it’s watching funny YouTube videos or listening to upbeat music right before my important meetings.

Often times we think that we will be happy if we just reach that one goal or obtain the right number of clients. That happiness is a product of success…

Remember – it is just the opposite.

Let’s reverse this logic. Success is the product of a happy person.

By being happy now, by seeking out that state of mind that promotes your unique brand of joy, that is how you will reach your goals – in business and in life!

Tip #3: “Act” Happy

I once had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Galitta Tassa, founder of the Happy Goddessa teaching program.

During the interview, we raised our hands, used calculated breathing, and chanted empowering mantras.

It might seem ridiculous on paper, but as we chanted I could feel my body and spirit lifted from the weight (and it is a heavyweight) of my fears.

I felt more optimistic and energetic through and through.

Guess what?

Those around you can feel that energy – especially those for which you must be vulnerable. Which means your prospect, is going to pick up on your energy and when that energy becomes more optimistic or strengthened.

Try it! Right before your next meeting, if you are feeling down, act happy:

If you are an athletic person, stretch or do a round of jumping jacks.
If you enjoy music, listen to your favourite music.
If you like to meditate, repeat your favourite positive affirmation.
and so on…

Here is one of my favourite affirmations I often use for myself:

“I am focused and strong.
Just for today, I will focus on helping the person in front of me
and create a positive impact.”

If you can’t decide on something you’d like to do (or simply don’t have time), you can just laugh out loud.

Plenty of scientific studies have affirmed that the simple act of laughing, or even smiling, is enough to get those “feel good” chemicals working on your brain.

Seriously. Try it right now.

Stop reading, and start laughing out loud.

Do you feel yourself just a little lighter?

So, act happy. Your client is going to feel it!

Tip #4: Write Your Fears Down

When we hear our fears in our mind, the voices those fears create are like bees trapped in a glass jar. They fly round and round in the glass jar buzzing and compounding our anxiety.

Even though we are aware of the fear, in reality, we are still not thinking clearly.

Instead of being paralyzed by your fears, make them work for you by forming them into words.

Write down the biggest fear you currently have buzzing around in there.

Now, under it, copy and paste the following sentence:

“What is the worst case scenario if your fear comes true?”

For instance:
What would happen to you if this potential client says no?
What would happen if you do not sound professional?
What would happen if you end up sounding weird or desperate?

Reflect on this, and ask yourself: Is it that bad? Is it going to affect you in a real and significant way? Will the experience help you grow into a better entrepreneur and a stronger person?

Writing your fears down is a way of “outsourcing” the feelings that stop you from thinking clearly.

When you start practicing this you will realize that the fears you carry are actually not that bad at all.

The physical exercise of writing them down helps your mind discharge all the unaddressed anxiety – release the jar of bees.

And when you step back and examine the fear on its own, it tends to lose its power over you.

Tip #5: Believe in Yourself and Just Do It!

As I mentioned, I have faced fears and doubts countless times in my life.

Even as I write this blog, I can’t help but wonder whether I am providing useful insight to help other women out there.

Since I first started learning how to deal with my fear over many years, I have learned my fears are unfounded.

That they are not real. And anxiety is a liar. And the best way I have found to boost my confidence is to keep writing this blog.

To believe that I am creating something that will help all the amazing women I know (and don’t know!)

The more I write, the more confidence I have. And the more fear you feel, the stronger you will be because of it.

So, if you are feeling nervous about calling a prospect, writing an email, making a blog, or getting on the webinar, there is no better way to stop that feeling in its tracks – just do it.

“Face your fears” may be something we’ve all heard, but sometimes it takes just one action to stop, turn, look your fear in the eye, and say “No!”

Remember, your action is making a difference in this world. With this action, you will become a stronger woman.

Want more resources to boost your confidence? Check out my Guided Meditation for Overcoming Anxiety in Sales for preparing you on what to say for any occasion.

To you and your Big Sales,