Do you find yourself asking the following questions when it comes to starting a sales conversation with your prospective clients?

  • What do I say to get my prospects to reply to my messages?
  • I have thousands of LinkedIn connections, but I don’t know how to start the sales conversation.
  • I know how to connect with my prospects online or in person, but I don’t know how to start the sales conversation without being pushy or cheesy. What should I say?
  • The people I’m trying to connect with are very busy. What can I say without disturbing them?

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered today!

Here are 5 simple, non-pushy ways to help you start your sales conversations (or even schedule a call) with your prospective clients.

1. The Virtual Coffee Chat

Some of our ladies (you know who you are!) have attained great success by suggesting virtual coffee chats with their prospective clients.

I have also closed a few sales deals this way. This strategy works really well because it’s easy to do. Reaching out to your prospects and suggesting a virtual coffee chat is a great, casual way to get to know each other and feels very natural.

I personally find this strategy works best when you reach out to people you already know, such as old colleagues. It also works well when targeting those who work a lot and are very busy, such as small entrepreneurs or sales people.

2. “We belong to the same industry. Let’s talk shop. (Let’s get to know each other)”

This is a strategy similar to the virtual coffee chat and works well when targeting people of the same industry. This also works well for targeting corporate clients.

When it comes to selling to corporate clients, being part of their community (or the “insider”) is very important. Being part of the community grants you instant credibility and builds trust.

So, if you belong to the same industry, let your prospects know. Positioning yourself as a specialist in the industry allows you to stand out from your competitors.

Here’s a simple script you can use to start such a conversation:

“Hi xxx,

I noticed that we belong to the same industry. We’ll have to get together sometime and share some insights.”

3. “I have [a solution] and would love to share it with you.”

Do you have a powerful solution that has worked really well for your other clients in the past?

Do you have something that can provide a quick win/fix for your prospects?

Do you have a solution that can potentially solve the most urgent challenge your prospect is facing?

If you do, get straight to the point!

This can be a great strategy for when your prospects are in crisis mode and would prefer to save time by getting straight to the point and talk business.

One amazing lady inside our community provides special audits for her ideal clients. These audits can potentially save companies significant amounts of money. This simple “sales hook” idea become her go-to strategy for getting in front of her ideal clients.

So, ask yourself: What have I done for my past clients that could really benefit others?

Identify your sales hook idea → Create a list of prospects that can benefit from this hook → Create your sales message → Send the sales message out!

That’s it! Once you send out your messages, measure the results and ask yourself what you can learn from your findings.

Keep testing and improving!

4. “Many people are talking about [challenge]. I have a solution and would love to share it with you.”

For this strategy, focus on talking about the challenges your ideal clients are facing.

The more urgent the challenge, the more likely you will see success with this strategy.

This strategy works best for challenges not many people know how to solve.

Some examples include:

  • Recent regulatory changes
  • Dealing with or integrating the latest technology
  • A topic that’s difficult to find online solutions

So, ask yourself: What are the latest challenges or opportunities that are keeping your prospects awake at night? Do you have the solution?

5. “Here’s what I have done for my other clients. I think it could be helpful.”

This is a casual way of sharing your success stories with your prospective clients.

I’ve achieved great success with other clients and think this strategy might be helpful for your business.

To see success with this strategy, the message must be personal and take on a casual, conversational tone. A personal phone call will encourage your prospects to respond to your messages.

I hope you’ve found some ideas and inspiration for connecting with your ideal clients!

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Remember, you are here to provide value and serve.

Let me know what strategy you end up using to connect with your corporate clients! Share your experience with me inside our Facebook group. I’d love to hear about how you’re doing!

Let’s connect and sell together!