Do you hate selling? 

Imagine this scenario:

You have this awesome business and you know that you can really help a lot of high quality clients. So, you finally decide to spend a good chunk of your money to attend this networking event. This event has lots of your target clients. It’s not cheap, but you know that you need to invest to get business.

You prepare this beautiful business card and rehearse your elevator speech over and over again. When you finally get to the event, the first person who talks to you is a perfect prospect. You give him the business card you beautifully designed and present your elevator speech. Then, nothing. No feedback. You can easily tell that this person is just eager to talk to someone else.

Feeling defeated you tell yourself… I’m just not good in sales. 

Does this sound familiar?

Here are 7 super easy selling techniques that you can use to help you attract more big clients now.

1. Focus On The Benefits, Not The Process. 

Review your elevator speech, or value proposition. Do you talk too much about your process?

People have very limited attention span. So, save your process description until you are asked. For the first contacts, focus on the benefits you deliver. When you have piqued your prospects’ interests, they will ask you about your process.

2. Preparation

Always do a thorough preparation before you talk to a prospect.

Don’t stop at their position. Dig deeper.

Use LinkedIn search to find out whether you might have common connections with your prospects. See if there is any news about your prospects. If it is hard to find any news on the person you are meeting with, research key developments in their industry.

Be ready to have an interesting discussion with their current challenges, such as industry news, the economy, or staffing.

Many of my clients have businesses in different countries. So, I can casually mention: “Isn’t the currency just crazy these days?” This will instantly strike an emotional chord with my prospective clients, thus paving the way to easily move the conversation to their pain points in doing business.

3. Follow Up

People often underestimate the power of following up. The secret is that following up is actually the one single simple thing that sets you apart from your competitors.

I can’t remember the number of times my prospects told me that other people rarely follow up with them, and that I’m the only one who called as promised.

So, simply set an alarm to follow up with your prospective clients, and remind them that you have decided to follow up with them “as promised”.

4. Know Your Prospect’s Competitors

Nothing interests your prospect more than news about their competitors. So, do some research about their competitors and talk about them.

Instantly, you become the industry insider and build authority.

It also brings your sales conversation to a more interesting discussion.

5. Use Numbers: 

People love using numbers. It is concrete and clear. So, whatever you are saying, use a number. Put numbers in your value proposition, and it instantly makes your more credible and professional.

6. Create Urgency

When talking to your prospects, always try to create a sense of urgency. If you would like to work with them, talk about the upcoming industry events or promotional season.

For example, if you are a marketing manager, talk about your marketing strategy for the upcoming holiday season. This way, it gets your prospects thinking about short term marketing goals.

7. Practice Using Role Playing

One of the most effective selling techniques is role-playing. Practice your value proposition or objection handling with your colleagues over and over again. This way you will be confident when you are in front of a prospect.

Try out these selling techniques and let me know which ones worked for you.

What are the selling techniques you have tried and would recommend?