Have you ever thought how pros and sales experts qualify a prospect and close big sales? Do you want to know what are their secrets and sales strategies to get in front of hard to reach decision-makers?

In this episode of Big Sales Talk with Melinda, I am so privileged to feature Lori Richardson, a sales growth strategist and a successful business person who has more than 20 years of B2B sales and leadership roles. She founded Score More Sales in 2002, a sales consultancy firm that helps B2B companies grow revenues and front-line sales through strategic sales efforts.


Learn how to create a step-by-step prospecting strategy selling to big clients.

More about Lori Richardson…

The first 15 years of Lori’s business career was truly remarkable. She’s been a quota-carrying salesperson and sales leader in technology and financial services closing $100M worth of deals. That gave her many experiences to pull from — successes as well as failures.

Over the last 20 years her company has built sales teams and helped mid-market technology and distribution companies grow front-line revenues weaving in what the collective team has learned over years of successes and failures.

As a lifelong learner, she loves to share the latest in what works now.
Watch the video.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Lori Richardson’s Sales and Marketing Journey [2:04]
  • How Lori Richardson closed her first multi-million dollar sale [5:47]
  • Tips on how to do effective research to get the right information that you need [8:52]
  • Proven ways to navigate a political environment in a company [11:40]
  • Lori’s favorite and creative ways to get in front of clients [16:43]
  • Identifying and solving a potential sales challenge of a small female entrepreneur [21:54]
  • How small entrepreneurs can sell to big companies [24:37]
  • Is cold calling still effective? [29:55]
  • The Prospecting Scorecard to qualify a prospect [34:40]
  • The importance of business introductions and referrals [39:16]
  • Creative ways to build relationship and increase the success of referral [43:17]

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