Sabrina MullerSabrina Muller is an author and speaker who is passionate about helping you be(come) crazy sexy confident by being completely comfortable with who you are as a woman!

She believes, “Success Is Not About How Much You Do, But About Who You Are!”

People loves her fiercely authentic, no-fluff-kick-up-the-butt approach and even describe her as “Raw Love” because she is fearless and fierce in the pursuit of showing you how you can have it all, on your terms once you give yourself permission to

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She is here to create a revolution of women who are ready to feel the fear and do it anyway, who are ready to claim their spot at the top and become crazy sexy confident when it comes to creating success on their terms!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sabrina’s journey in creating an online business empire [1:48]
  • Basic principles and strategies to build confidence & make a sale [4:37]
  • Listen to understand to build rapport [6:24]
  • How do you sell yourself? [7:59]
  • A taste of Sabrina’s Confidence Breakthrough Program [15:13]
  • Free flow journaling and emotional detox [19:18]
  • Powerful I Am Statements to attract whatever you want in life [23:41]
  • Money is a result of helping more people [26:30]
  • Success is about intentional action to get the best results [27:21]
  • The most important ingredient to become successful [29:33]

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