How do you start conversations that sell without pitching? In this interview, Sales Pro Insider Founder, Nancy Bleeke, shares practical tips based on more than twenty years of sales experience to get you in front of big clients, converse effectively with the internal champions, avoid sales conversation mistakes and a lot more.

The two words most used to describe Nancy Bleeke are driven and practical. Her first foray into entrepreneurship was at age nine when she and her brother bought old textbooks for five cents from their grade school and then proceeded to open a “summer school” in their basement for the neighborhood kids.

Sales is definitely part of Nancy’s genetic make-up. She has spent years in the trenches as a sales professional, sales manager, a sales coach, and wrote the gold medal winning book, Conversations That Sell which has been declared a “must-read” for sales teams around the world.

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In 1998, Nancy left the comfort of a “regular” job and founded Sales Pro Insider Inc. – a company whose mission is to help other businesses grow sales, create raving fans for customers, and encourage employee engagement through customized training, consultations, assessments and tools that just plain work!

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Nancy Bleeke’s success story [1:40]
  • How to get in front of a big client [6:39]
  • The effective strategy Nancy did to get the internal champions [9:08]
  • Selling is about asking the right questions to help a client come up with a decision [11:21]
  • The biggest mistakes in sales conversation [15:43]
  • Tips to encourage prospects to open up and engage [18:08]
  • How to ease up an aggressive tension and make the prospect comfortable [23:43]
  • Key attributes of a successful salesperson [28:11]
  • Ways to evaluate a sales talent [32:07]
  • Is it time to hire a sales assistant or a sales manager? [36:14]

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