We all know that building trust is so important when it comes to establishing any relationship. The same principle applies when it comes to sales.

In a sales relationship, we want to build trust with our prospects so that they can depend on us, listen to us and believe that we can deliver the service we promised and then eventually close the sales.

But how do you build trust in a sales relationship?

It’s easier said than done but let me share with you some of my tips to help you establish trust with your prospect even the most demanding one.

Get started by checking out the video below.


In this video, you will learn how to build trust with your big clients.How to create opportunities to build your integrity and demonstrate your character to your client.

  1. The importance of honouring your commitment and keeping your promises.
    • Being proactive and creating value for your client.
  2.  Be respectful.
    • Respecting their time and decisions. Be patient and don’t desperate.
    • Ex: You may say to your client “Whenever you’re ready to speak with me, I’m just here.”
  3. The value of humour to ease up tension and harmonise the relationship.
    • Enjoy your relationship with your client because sales is all about building and cultivating harmonious relationships.
  4. Be transparent.
    • Be authentic in demonstrating your value.
    • Explain the sales process.
    • Demonstrate a personalised service

Building trust is critical for sales success and every successful salesperson knows that this is a major part of the sales equation.

Watch the video here to increase your chances of closing big sales by building trust and establishing the relationship.

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