I was chatting with a friend who was the top marketing executive for a large company before deciding to start her own business. Despite having been highly successful as a corporate executive, she now found herself grappling with fear when selling to bigger companies.

Our conversation reminded me of myself when I first started selling to big companies.

I knew that landing bigger companies was the only way our company could grow to financial sustainability, but at the same time I was plagued by doubt and questions – it was as if I was talking myself out of making big sales!

I started having internal conversations, telling myself things like:

  • Bigger companies must be so much more demanding…
  • The risk will be higher…
  • Working with small, unstable clients isn’t really that bad…

The moment came when I realized that my fear of success and growth was sabotaging my sales momentum!

In this episode, I want to have a candid conversation with you about my internal struggle with success and how I was able to overcome this struggle to start working with some of the world’s largest corporations.

I’ll be talking about:

  • the internal dialogue I used to have which seemed self-protective but was actually hurting me.
  • my fear of growth and success, and how it affected my sales.
  • how I transform self-sabotaging conversations into personal growth and greater sales success.
  • what I tell myself whenever those sabotaging conversations come back to haunt me.

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