Are you feeling overwhelmed in sales because you do not know how to get big clients?

Are you struggling how to increase your monthly revenue and make big sales in your business?

Are you having a hard time in making a decision and focusing on your business because of so many choices and so many activities to do?

Can you relate to feeling overwhelmed?

Because, over the past 16 years, I have experienced feeling overwhelmed myself and see other female entrepreneurs feeling the same way.
But, I have been able to overcome that feeling of overwhelmed and start to make big sales.. (yes, $35 million of sales records so far!)
That’s why I decided to create the video here to share with you exactly how to overcome that feeling.
I want to show you EXACTLY why are you feeling overwhelmed in sales and how you can get off that feeling so that you can begin moving quickly in a direction you define: towards unprecedented success by making big sales with big clients.
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In Feeling Overwhelmed in Sales? How to Overcome It, video you will learn 5 powerful tips you can practically apply soon to improve your sales strategies immediately:
Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed Tip 1: Prioritize

    • Urgency vs Importance
    • Do you have a lot of questions in your mind? Focus on what needs to be done right now and do it well.
    • Do you have a great idea? Write it down on a piece of paper and then think it over.

Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed Tip 2: Focus on what you can control – your actions

    • What actions will you be taking at this point of your sales?

Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed Tip 3: Reasonable expectation

    • Overestimate how much you can accomplish in one year, but underestimate how much you could accomplish in 10 years.
    • Sales: one deal that you really want to get, and then you end up getting the other deals.

Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed Tips 4: Ask for help.

    • Life is too short to be selling alone.
    • Seek help from your local or online community.
    • Be part of “Women Making Big Sales” community by joining our newsletter and FB page.

Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed Tip 5: Stop comparing with others


So if you’re ready to:

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed in sales and eliminate the feelings of panic, unworthiness, or struggle when it comes to making more sales and reaching out to big clients
  • Improve your whole life – including your income – making big sales with big clients
  • See, feel, and understand a new level of control over your sales and marketing strategies
  • Make better decisions without letting negative emotions influence you

Watch the video now and give some of the tips a try.

Let me know how you have been able to overcome feeling overwhelmed in sales!



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