What do we do when our prospects do not love us back?

What do we do when we do not get any response from our unresponsive prospects?

In today’s Big Sales Talk, I share with you 3 strategies you can use to get clients to respond to you again.

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Strategy 1: Are you providing real value to your unresponsive prospects?


Your prospects are constantly sold to. So, if you have unresponsive prospect, ask yourself whether you are providing value that would pique your prospect’ interests.


Here are three categories of value clients appreciate. (CPR)


  • C- Client: Your unresponsive prospect would appreciate having more clients. So, provide value by connecting your prospects with their clients. You will definitely to get noticed.
  • P – Promotion: Can you help promote your prospect’s recent marketing initiatives, business or products? Some examples include:
    • Become the super-connector by hosting a social event to connect your prospects with industry leaders, medias or other influencers.
    • Become your unresponsive prospect’s biggest fans by promoting their new initiatives on your platform.
    • Become the influencer by Interviewing your prospect or writing an article about their company.
  • R – Resources: Connect your prospects with valuable resources to help them succeed. Some examples include:
    • Provide new ideas and thought provoking information to attract their attention.
    • Host a conference or training workshop targeting specific urgent needs.
    • Connect your unresponsive prospects with other respected service providers.

Strategy 2: Are you making the right requests to your unresponsive prospects?

Sometimes, your prospects are unresponsive because you are asking too much from them. When you just meet with a person, asking them to meet might be a big commitment for your prospect. Instead, ask your prospects for things that require smaller commitment and they are more likely to say yes.


Low commitment requests:

When you just meet a prospect, ask them to simply know you better by encouraging them to visit your website, your latest blog posts or your social media profile.

“Take a look at my latest blog where I mentioned my insights on the industry trends. You might find it useful.”

“I was just thinking about your business. Would you like to join my mailing list? It might give you some interesting insights.”

Medium commitment requests:

As the relationship deepens, ask them for more information about themselves. There are two important information you need from your clients: business priorities and decision makers.

“What are your most important business priorities?”

“Do you find the information useful? Which part benefits you the most?”

“Who else could benefit from this opportunity?” 

Who should I speak with about this interview opportunity?”

High commitment requests:

After the prospects have shown sufficient interests for your service or value you provide, this is where you ask for meetings and more information.

“Based on our previous conversation about <business priorities>, I have some ideas to share with you. Would you like to get together for lunch?”

“I just successfully helped a client achieve <business priorities>. Can I share this experience with you? Let’s get together for lunch or dinner?”

“My partner and I just compiled a thorough report on your industry. Could we set up a meeting with you and your team to present our findings and our unique insights on these findings.”


Strategy 3: Say “I am leaving you.” to your unresponsive prospects.

This strategy is used when you have provided real value to your unresponsive prospects over a period of time. Tell your unresponsive prospects that I’m leaving you (well, not in these exact words) and force your unresponsive prospects to make decision whether they still want to hear from you.

“Dear Emily, 

I have tried to connect with you for a few times over the past months. I have not heard from you. I assume that you must be busy.

I apologize if I might have bothered you. I am simply excited by the potential presented by your company. I would like to let you know that I will no longer follow up with you after this email. If you need any of my assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

This shows respect for your value and allow your unresponsive clients to make their final decisions.

Give these a try and let me know how it goes.

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