How do you reach C-suite executives?

In today’s episode I chatted to Pat Helmers, who uses podcasts to connect with decision-makers, build relationships, and convert them to clients.

Pat is a former software engineer, inventor, tech startup entrepreneur, business development executive, and now host of the ‘top 10’ sales podcast, Sales Babble. He is the founder of Habanero Media, a podcast agency that helps B2B businesses grow revenue by integrating interview-based podcasts into their sales strategy, targeting qualified C-suite executives who value their products and services.

I really enjoyed talking to Pat about our thoughts on sales, and how sales should be approached in today’s world.

If you want to find out how you can use podcasts as part of your prospecting strategy, be sure to listen to this episode!

During this episode, we’ll be talking about:

  • Pat’s journey from software engineer to sales executive
  • How he has used podcasting to land more clients
  • What he’s learned after interviewing more than 370 podcast guests
  • The mistakes he sees most often in today’s sales world
  • How his company, Habanero Media, helps businesses use podcasting to land more C-suite executives

Make sure you listen until the end of the episode, where Pat will share his favorite sales tip and the ‘3 in 3’: three actions to take in three days to help you create more sales momentum!

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