For entrepreneurs, a positive mindset is the foundation for creating success and living a joyful life. Shanelle Roberts joined me for this episode, to talk about a topic I’m really passionate about: How to create a positive sales mindset.

Shanelle is an author, inventor, NLP breakthrough coach, and award-winning designer turned entrepreneur. Her coaching centers around mastering mindset, and our discussion focused on the significant benefits of aligning your unconscious mind with your conscious behavior. Top of the list are greater mental strength and wellness, a positive mindset and a healthier, more balanced life.

This is such an important topic for everybody, but particularly for entrepreneurs. As business owners, we frequently face new opportunities and challenges, and embarking on the unknown inevitably brings fear and anxiety. This is why I strongly believe this episode is important for all of us.

Listen in as we talk about transforming a negative mindset to one of positivity and joy in sales!

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Shanelle’s mindset transformation journey
  • How our unconscious mind works against us
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome and self-sabotaging behavior
  • Tips to transform our mindset
  • How to pursue opportunities with confidence 

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Resources mentioned during this episode:

  • Shanelle’s ‘Identify the Root of the Problem’ Activity
  • Want to connect with Shannell? Book a strategy call with Shanelle here.