A strong mindset is to sales what healthy eating is to a full, active life.

We need a strong mindset to be able to sell with joy, take better action, and create sales momentum.

When our minds are blocked by negative thoughts, we struggle to think creatively or take action, and this affects our sales results.

Fear of failure is a hurdle we’ve all faced at every stage of sales.

  • When we’re researching companies, our fear might say, “What if this never works out?”
  • When we’re starting to connect with prospective clients, it might say, “What if this person never replies, or finds me annoying?”
  • And when we’re sending out proposals, the fear might say, “What if I can’t deliver what I’ve promised?”

If you’ve ever been plagued by questions like these, I can totally understand – because I’ve also experienced this fear of failure.

What’s more, I noticed that when I didn’t know how to deal effectively with my fear of failure, I would start to self-sabotage. I’d avoid taking action, despite knowing exactly what I needed to do to achieve results. I would overthink a strategy, or even try to convince myself it would never work out.

To succeed as entrepreneurs and to create a bigger impact in our lives, we need to be able to deal with this fear so we can stay motivated and keep up our momentum.

In today’s podcast, I’ll be sharing how I overcome my fear of failure, despite the countless “failures” I’ve had in my career.

What I talk about today is essential to help you feel more at ease when selling, and to help you take maximum action to create the greatest possible impact in your life.

In this episode, I’ll be talking about:

  • Encountering fear of failure on my sales journey, and how that fear fostered self-sabotaging behavior that stopped me from achieving my goals;
  • How a simple mindset shift freed me from my fear of failure;
  • Understanding your relationship with the notion of failure;
  • The key daily activities that keep me motivated and mentally strong.

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