How do we get in front of CEOs?

What are the best sales strategies to land these high-ticket clients? 

I’m inspired after speaking with Stacy Eads, a former sales professional who later became the most admired CEO in her community. Seeking to challenge herself, Stacy then transitioned to become an International Scaling Up Business Coach.

In this episode, Stacy shares with me her journey to entrepreneurship and the sales strategies that have consistently helped her land big-ticket sales. 

Make sure to listen to this episode to learn more about the power of networking.

In this episode, we’ll discuss: 

  • Stacy’s sales journey as CEO of a tech company 
  • How she used networking events to create genuine personal relationships with companies
  • her favorite networking tips for women who don’t enjoy networking 
  • How she transitioned from CEO to business coach
  • Her new sales strategies during Covid, and the strategy that has worked best for her over the last 12 months
  • How she expanded her network from local to global connections
  • What, in these times, keeps executives like Stacy awake at night

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