Do you have a potential client you would love to follow up with? Are you struggling to find reasons to engage with them? You want to call, but you just can’t think of a good way to justify reengaging. Are you afraid you’ll sound annoying or repetitive?

Today, I would like to share a few valuable ideas for follow up that will help you build trust with your ideal clients.

An effective reason to call allows you to:

  • Keep your service at the forefront of your potential clients’ minds
  • Build trust
  • Better understand your potential clients

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Reasons to Call – 5 Good Ideas for Follow up Without Pestering

Do you have a potential client you would love to follow up with? Are you struggling to find a reason to engage with your potential clients? In today’s video, I will share with you a few creative ideas for following up with your potential clients. For even more tips and tricks to help you follow up with your ideal clients, check out my blog–>

Posted by Women Making Big Sales on Friday, June 7, 2019

Here are my top 5 ideas for following up with your potential clients:

#1 – A Quick Reminder

If you are a service provider such as a social media manager, send a brief reminder to your potential clients 4 to 6 weeks prior to a holiday that it is time to promote their product.

“Hi, Christmas is just around the corner. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with your social media followers and promote your products. Don’t forget to get your social media posts ready for the holiday season!


Not only are you providing value to your potential clients, you are also demonstrating that you care about them.

#2 – Breaking News

Any news or trends in your industry that perhaps your ideal clients should know about?

For example, Facebook is constantly updating its platform. Next time you hear some breaking news about changes to Facebook, send a quick note to your ideal clients letting them know how the changes could affect them. Your potential clients are more likely to open your emails and appreciate the update.

#3 – New Resources

Have you created a new tool or worksheet you can share?

If you sell to one-on-one clients, think of the last conversation you had with them. What challenges did they talk about? Can you create a simple tool to help them navigate those challenges? Create the tool and share it with your ideal clients. By doing this you show your ideal clients that you are capable of helping them, and more importantly; that you care.

#4 – Promotions

Do you have a promotion coming up?

Sales promotions can be a fun way to spark interest and action from your ideal clients. Sales promotions also don’t have to be strictly about discounts. How about creating a sweepstakes or offering free trials? Your potential clients will appreciate you letting them know about these opportunities.

#5 – New Products

Are you offering any new products? Send a quick message to your ideal clients and let them know! They will be glad you thought of them.

Sales isn’t just about numbers, spreadsheets, and cold strategy; it’s also creative. Now that you have a few more creative ideas for following up with your potential clients, let’s get out there and really connect!

To your valuable, creative sales!