Welcome to Sales Tip Tuesday, where I share simple tips to help you sell faster and more easily!

In my work with women, one of the comments I hear most consistently is how much they hate feeling salesy. I get it – I hate feeling salesy, too. And selling can make us feel really pressured – especially when the person in front of us has a grand title, like Director, VP, or Company Founder.

When I think of sales, I think of developing genuine relationships with people I serve. Regardless of anything else I do, every person with whom I interact in business is someone I serve, and represents a genuine relationship I have built.

For today’s Sales Tip Tuesday, I want to share my simple visualization trick that helps me sell with ease. This super-simple tip allows me to feel more relaxed as I build relationships – and when I feel relaxed, the relationships I build are going to be more genuine.

Be sure to catch this podcast episode and learn this tip for selling with ease and confidence.

Here’s to selling with heart!


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