When it comes to selling to companies, it often takes more than one person to decide on whether to work with you. So, who should you be speaking with? What should you be talking about with different person?
In today’s video, I will be breaking down the types of decision makers you might be speaking with and what you should be saying to close your sales.

1. When it comes to selling to companies, you will be speaking to a group of people.
2. Gatekeeper: The person that will decide whether you let you in the conversation.
  • Be genuine with your intent and let the gatekeeper know that you are there to provide value.

3. User: The person who will be working with you, but not necessary making the decision whether to work with you.

  • Manager, Assistant,
  • Get as much information as possible from these people.
  • Talk about the actual service, the day to day experience to working with you.

4. The decision maker: The person who will be making the final decision to work with you.

  • Director, owner, CEO, COO
  • Talk about overall business, the industry, and the competitors.

5. The skeptics:

  • Salespeople
  • Take a look at an organization chart. The head of other departments could be your skeptic.

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