Are you trying to make a sale but you hate sounding salesy or you hate sounding desperate or pushy?

Stay tuned. I will share with you some tips to make your conversation sound more authentic, comfortable and confident without being pushy, desperate or awkward tongue tied. The art of selling today is about presenting your products, services and business, in an organized manner, without being pushy or manipulative. It’s about having a casual and comfortable conversation.

During this video, you will learn the art of selling without being pushy.

  • The importance of staying positive
    • State the positive things about the company.
    • Things that they need to improve are opportunities
  • Be encouraging, but not pushy.
    • Be excited and passionate about your clients and the opportunity.
    • Be excited about what you can do for your clients.
  • Willingness to help, but not desperate.
    • You need to know whether you are ready to make a sale.
    • Have you both identified real pains?
    • Have you discovered the key information before closing a sale?
  • Always ready to give, but also know when to ask for the sales.
    • I would love to continue speaking with you, but I only have 60 minutes.
    • Talk about commitment
  • Handling the objections
    • Always acknowledge why the person might have the objection.
    • Insert your other client’s case study.
    • Always address that you have total respect for the person
  • Respect the client
    • Your prospect will eventually work with you.
    • Play the long game.

Watch the video to learn the art of selling without being pushy.

Increase your chances of closing big sales without being pushy. Watch the video here.

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