How do you find purpose and authenticity in B2B (business-to-business) sales?

How do you not feel salesy or fake throughout the sales process? 

These are questions I hear so often − especially from women. When we start out in business, we pour heart and soul into everything we do, and we genuinely want to help people. Nevertheless, in the course of our entrepreneurial journey − and particularly when it comes to sales − we often end up feeling fake and inauthentic.

And that kind of makes us question − why did I start all this? 

For me, the whole point of starting my business was to feel heart-centered and authentic while helping other people. And, after 20 years in the business, I’ve developed a very healthy way of seeing sales. This outlook, together with some key strategies, has allowed me to be empowered by sales, rather than fearing it.

The strategies that I share in this episode can help you cultivate a healthy relationship with sales, which goes a long way in protecting your mental well-being. They’ll also make sure you’re empowered by sales, and allow you to achieve greater financial freedom by shifting your mindset.

I can’t wait to share these important strategies with you, and watch you become more confident, authentic and empowered in your entrepreneurial journey! 

Remember, we sell better together.


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