kathryn hoferIn sales, time management is often a huge challenge for many entrepreneurs. How do we manage our time to sell better?

In this Big Sales Talk, I’m excited to speak with Kathryn Hofer, founder of Modern Planner. Kathryn is passionate about helping others live a quality life. With over a decade of experience executing live events, organizing teams and projects, and running a non-profit, she has focused her attention on educating others about the value of planning.





In this video, Kathryn shares the value of planning and self-management tips to increase your productivity.

Interview Outline:

  • Myths about time [2:28]
  • Time management is priority management self-management [ 3:26]
  • Etymology of the word “priority” and how it impacts our lives [6:11]
  • How to figure out the most important thing to do [7:32]
  • Kathryn’s priority and her turning point story [7:58]
  • How to manage yourself and your schedules [10:24]
  • The importance of “Why” [13:08]
  • Procrastination and its impacts [18:00]
  • The mobile apps to increase your productivity [26:02]
  • The Pomodoro Technique [28:50]

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