I’m always curious to hear people’s sales stories – everyone is unique!

  • How did they initially get this lead? 
  • What was their journey to closing the sale? 
  • How long did it take them to close this sale?

Through knowing the context and details of each sales story, I can work out the winning strategies for landing business clients.

And, over and over again, there is one specific sales strategy that continues to succeed in almost every deal. The same strategy also tends to shorten the sales cycle and help us close the deal faster.

More importantly, this sales strategy will get you more leads while you sleep!

In today’s podcast, I’ll be sharing this important strategy that every entrepreneur should know.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn the one sales strategy with the highest closing rate and shortest time to close;
  • Common misconceptions about this powerful sales strategy, and why people often overlook it;
  • How to implement this sales strategy for your business.

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Resources mentioned during this episode:

Download my word-for-word sales scripts for landing business clients, here.