If there is one resource all entrepreneurs seem to struggle with, it is a lack of time. Here are three essential time-saving tips that you can easily implement.

Busy entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate every day and they never seem to have enough hours in a day.

Are you a busy entrepreneur who is struggling to go to a networking event, building a relationship with your prospective clients or connecting to influencers simply because you do not have enough time?

Here are three essential time-saving tips that you can easily implement. When applied properly, these practical time-management tips can free up hours in your week and make your roles as an entrepreneur.

Time Saving Tip#1: Batch nurture your relationship and activities

  • Allocate a specific time to batch your sales activities.
  • Focus, self-awareness
  • Set a goal on how many people you want to connect with.

Time Saving Tip#2: Reuse your research information and marketing content.

  • Have a focused market
  • Ask yourself: “When you do the market research on a specific company, who can also benefit from this information?”
  • Marketing information
  • Make everything easy to customize. Always use email templates, create a white paper that can be applied to other.

Time Saving Tip#3: Be picky with whom you target

  • Target 30 – 40 prospects at a time.
  • Qualify your prospects. Can the person afford your service?
  • Understand the readiness to buy: Is he ready to afford your service right now?

So, what are your tips? Share with us.

Melinda Chen

Founder of Women Making Big Sales