Let’s face it… things must be very competitive these days.

Your industry is filled with competitors.

Your competitors all seem to have a beautiful website and amazing content.

What sales techniques are you going to use to help you stand out from your competitors?

How about your prospects?

Your prospects are distracted on LinkedIn or even in their mailbox.

The ones that are easy to get in front of are surrounded by your competitors.

What sales techniques are you going to use to get in front of your big clients?

Today, let me share with you some simple, easy to implement sales techniques to help you stand out.

So, what are the simplest sales techniques to implement when you have a limited budget and when you are faced with tough competition?

Here is a list of my favourite sales techniques.

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Sales Technique #1: “I am an insider.”

During an interview with Nicole Kidman, the interviewer asked Nicole what is surprising about Halloween.

Do you know what she said?

She said that Halloween is surprisingly small. Everyone tends to know everyone.

I am surprised about this.

Over the past 20 years, I have sold in consumer goods, financial services, aerospace, cosmetic industries and many other.

When you spend enough time cultivating the relationship within an industry, you will notice that it is a small industry… regardless of which industry you are in.

So, if you want to get into a new industry, a great sales technique is to be an insider in the industry.

How does this sales technique work?

I know that we never get into a new industry with great connections. There are many other ways to help you become the insider.

Even though you might not have a lot of connections within the industry, you could become excited by acquiring industry-specific knowledge, such as news, merger and acquisition information, new technologies, new regulations, or change in personnels.

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Sales Technique #2: “I am different”.

70% to 80% of what we do is similar to what our competitors do. But, there is always a slight difference between us and our competitors.

For example, our professional background. When selling to clients, you can highlight the portion that makes you different from your competitor and allows you to stand out.

An example:

A client of mine is a marketing consultant. She has extensive experience in the cosmetic industry working with cosmetic retailers and cosmetic brands.

Her experience made her unique.

She is able to stand out from her competitor my highlighted her B2B2C marketing experience and target prospects that have the needs for this particular experience.

So ask yourself, what makes me different? What was my previous working experience?

What do I believe in terms of what I do?

What kinds of unique experience do you have?

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Sales Technique #3: 2-5 formula

Have you ever received those solicitation emails or LinkedIn messages with a long email asking you to connect with them or maybe have a call with them? And that would be the last time you ever hear from these people.

Most people give up on following up with their prospect after the first or the second trial. So, if you are able to be persistent, it will pay off.

Try 2-5 formula sales technique.

Have at least 2 different ways to connect with your prospects. Some of the most common ones include email and LinkedIn or email and phone call.

Then, design at least 5 messages to connect with your prospects.

2 different ways that ensure your messages are definitely delivered to your prospect.

5 messages to make sure that you are persistent and it will significantly increase your conversion rate.

Sales Technique #4: It’s about the project.

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Sales Technique #5: Taking control

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So, which one do you plan on trying?

Let me know how it goes!

Share with me your results.

To your big sales,