We all know it is competitive out there. There is nothing new under the sun, and there are so many others doing similar things.

So how do you stand out?

How do you get your potential clients’ attention and convince them to work with you?

As a small entrepreneur, how often do you feel intimidated by all the bigger and more established competitors out there? First of all: don’t worry. Today, I will share with you a few of my favourite strategies to help you instantly stand out from your competitors—even the big guys.

I encourage you to take these ideas and craft your own unique “Why buy from me?” sales message. If you have a blog, feel free to use any of these ideas for the writing of your sales copy. Finally, you can even use the ideas here to create new products or offers for your clients. Be creative and open-minded.

You are about to discover how amazing you can be!

#1: Your Background

Your background makes you unique. Look back over your previous work and life experiences. Ask yourself: how can my unique knowledge help my ideal clients?

  • Your working experience:
    • What was your work experience? What drove you to do what you do now?
    • For example: perhaps you worked as human resources manager in the aerospace industry and now you have become a business coach. Your experience in the aerospace industry will help you stand out.

  • Your social background: I am an immigrant and a woman working in man’s world. I have a unique perspective understanding what challenges women face and how women sell in the corporate world. Ask yourself: what is your social background and what sort of unique perspective have you gained?

  • Your previous clients: Have you had the chance to work on or with interesting cases? One of my previous clients worked with many local restaurant owners. She had a unique perspective on the challenges local restaurant owners faced creating a social media presence. She now focuses on helping other restaurant owners capture opportunities through social media.

  • Your life experience: Have you experienced similar challenges your ideal clients may be facing? Being a Mom of 2 boys while managing 2 businesses, I have experienced my fair share of burnouts and anxiety. I understand what many entrepreneurs face when it comes to the work-life balance problem.
    • Share your life experiences with your ideal clients. Let them know you have faced these challenges, and that you understand. This can be very powerful when it comes to building relationships with your ideal clients.

#2: Your Values

Your values affect how, where, and why you work with your clients. What you are passionate about shines through and tends to draw those who feel similarly. Being clear and open about your values can also help you stand out as an authority on a certain topics.

  • Social beliefs: What are your beliefs? Are you inclusive, socially conscious, eco-friendly, or an advocate for those with certain disadvantages? Your beliefs factor into your unique story and how you have come to be where you are today. I am a firm believer in empowering women and creating a better world by helping more women create successful businesses. Whenever I write my blogs, sales copy, or otherwise create my products, I always try to remember why I decided to form Women Making Big Sales. What are your beliefs? Don’t leave them behind. They will make your entire entrepreneurial journey much more rewarding.

  • Religious beliefs:
    • A friend of mine is religious and strives to help her fellow Christian mothers navigate the challenges of the modern world. Her religious beliefs help her stand out from other competitors out there.
  • Business beliefs:
    • Are you passionate about something in business? For example, an online marketer I know passionately believes in how sales funnels can help businesses. What are your business beliefs? Take a stand and let your ideal clients know about them. This will make you into a niche resource and an authority on this topic.

  • Your business process/feature:
    • Do you believe in a certain way of doing business? Coffee shop baristas are encouraged to remember the name and favourite drink of regulars. Walmart employs greeters who provide a pleasant salutation for every customer that comes into the store. Does your business have a signature process or feature that may help you stand out from your competitors?

#3: Your Connections

Who do you know?

Do you have unique connections with a particular demographic, club, or business?

Contact is often used among real estate agents.

They stand out because they have exclusive relationships with a specific group of people.

#4: Your Personality

What kind of person are you?

Are you a friendly person who enjoys meeting and connecting with many new people?

Or do you prefer creating one or two more in-depth, one-on-one relationships at a time?

Are you higher energy, dynamic, or entertaining? Do you like being on camera or engaging with an audience?

I am analytical.

Regardless of what kind of person you are, you can sell.

Own your unique personality and use it to your best advantage. Your personality is what will help you stand out.

Be yourself and focus on your personal strengths.

You will inevitably attract those who are similar to you and even those who are not, so long as you practice authenticity.

#5: Your Dedication to Your Clients

How do we, as small entrepreneurs, stand out from bigger and more established companies or agencies?

The answer is our passion for the job, our dedication to our clients, and the quality of service we can provide.

Your passion is a critical part of how you will you stand out from your competitors–your love for your clients.

The more passionate you are when it comes to helping your clients, the more you will stand out from your competitors.

So, let’s start getting passionate for our clients!

I, for one, am passionate about helping you succeed in sales!

How can I help you sell better?

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You are unique and amazing.

Stay true to yourself, focus on your strengths, and stay passionate about helping your clients; success will come inevitably.

It always does.

To the unique you,