What does it mean to sound “salesy”?

You know it whenever you hear it, or even worse, when it comes out of your own mouth.

I hate sounding “salesy”. Most people in sales feel this way. Wouldn’t it be great to know when and why we start to sound “salesy” and learn how to avoid it?

Today, let’s talk about the reasons why we might begin to sound “salesy”, fake, or pushy, and some of the ways to overcome this pitfall.

The Most Common Reasons We Start to Sound “Salesy”

Reason #1: We forgot to listen

Why do we all hate that pushy, used car salesman? Because he keeps talking. He moves in only one direction, pushing for a sale rather than listening to the customer.

The moment we stop listening to the client in front of us, we start sounding “salesy”.

How to overcome this?

Relax, listen, and stay present.

It’s normal to feel a bit nervous in front of potential clients. Many thoughts fly through your mind.

‘What is the next thing I should say to get this person to buy from me?’
‘What should I say to best communicate my value?’

If you start to feel nervous, take a deep breath and smile. Imagine the potential client is your best friend or someone you love. Resettle into the mindset that you are there to help them with the challenges they face.

Reason #2: We are not prepared.

One sunny Saturday afternoon 3 years ago, I took my kids to the park.

I watched the boys do their thing, running and laughing across the playground, when I suddenly spotted a gentleman I recognized walking to the park with his own kids.

I had actually been trying to set up a meeting with this gentleman for a long time. He is the decision maker for a big company.

A really big deal for me!

We saw each other, and he also recognized me.

I suddenly got so nervous I rushed into greeting him, and, before I knew it, asked for a meeting with him. He was not impressed and politely dismissed the notion.

I was so embarrassed. I knew it had not been the appropriate time to ask for that meeting. But, being caught off guard, I was not prepared.

This is what happens when you are not prepared for a sales conversation.

You get nervous.

Before you know it, you become pushy and ask for your potential clients’ commitment too early.

How to overcome this?

Whether you are preparing for your next Facebook live stream, webinar, networking event, or strategy session; always be prepared.

Here are a few things you should always be prepared for:

  • Scripts: Sales scripts are a lot like a recipe. Having a recipe gives you a list of specific and essential ingredients and provides the necessary steps in order to make that perfect cake. Only once you have mastered your recipe should you add personalized ingredients. Know:
    • What questions to ask in order to identify their challenges.
    • How to link those challenges with the benefit(s) your service offers, naturally and with confidence.
    • How to handle potential objections.
    • Want to know more? Check out my word-for-word sales scripts.
  • Hooks: Sales hooks are tools to engage your potential clients. The old “show, don’t tell” adage.
    • What are the sales hooks that will best showcase your skills for your potential clients?
    • Rather than telling your prospects how amazing you are, what sales hooks can help you show them?
    • Examples of sales hooks include case studies and client testimonials. Click here for My Complete List of Sales Hooks.

Reason #3: We are “worried” about sounding “salesy”.

You haven’t started to sell yet, but the idea of sounding “salesy” or pushy makes you very uncomfortable.
Every time you think about sales, you feel paralyzed by the thought of sounding “salesy”. Does this sound familiar?

How to overcome this

  • Build up your “Sales Confidence Toolkit”.
    • Sales Scripts: Download my word-for-word sales scripts, then customize them to line up with your unique service(s) and personality.
    • Sales Hooks: Think about and compile the content or information you have that will showcase your skills and start to build trust with your potential clients. If you want some ideas to get your prospects’ attention, check out My Complete List of Sales Hooks.
  • Take baby steps by having simple conversations. Rather than selling your product/service immediately, start by simply chatting with your potential clients and listening to their challenges. Once you begin to feel more comfortable, you can share some of your sales hooks and gauge your potential client’s reaction

In the end, sales is all about serving our clients and being passionate about what we do.

After all, isn’t that why we decided to follow this path?

Together, let’s sell with authenticity and confidence!