Marie-Helene DiBenedetto is an online marketing expert. When she started her business, she got her first client on LinkedIn right after creating her LinkedIn profile. Today, Marie-Helene shares with us her tips to creating a powerful online presence that can help you generate leads and get more clients.

More About Marie-Helene DiBenedetto

Marie-Helene worked in a marketing management industry for 15 years and thought there was a lack of reliable partners who truly understood digital channels, and cared for her brand as much as she did. She started to put up her own agency in 2013. She had been in Social Media since 2006 and had been involved in a lot of communities of bloggers and YouTubers. With Moondust, she now combines her passion for those brands with her deep knowledge in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Interview outline

  • The Push and Pull Relationship in Sales and Marketing
  • Step by step process to build an authority online presence with a short period of time
  • How to optimize a LinkedIn profile
  • The importance of content marketing to engage with your targeted clients
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • How to evaluate a quality content
  • Be clear with your business objectives
  • How to identify the trigger events in marketing
  • Time management and working in batches
  • Effective scheduling apps

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