How do you get attention from your prospects?
Talk about their most urgent pain point … or this is how I prefer to call them “neck bleeding pains
Let’s face it, we are always busy. However, if you start talking about the most urgent problems your prospects are thinking about, you are more likely to get their attention.
Traditionally, we would discover prospects’ pain point during sales meetings. But, today, your prospects are a lot more knowledgeable and are much more demanding than before. They will dismiss you the moment that they think you are irrelevant.
So, finding out your prospects’ neck bleeding pains is a lot more important than ever before.

How do you know your prospects’ pain point before you even meet with them?

Your prospects are sitting in their office or at home. You are trying to get your message out to them.

So, how do you know their neck bleeding pains? Here are a few practical tips to help you discover their most urgent pains before meeting them.

1. Look at the big picture

One way to discover your client’s pain point is to look at the overall industry trends.
Try googling the following terms:

“ [your client’s industry] trends 2016”.“top challenges [your client’s industry] 2016

You will find lots of article talking about the recent trends your target clients are facing.

Look through the articles and ask yourself:

“How does my service help my prospects solve their problems and capture the opportunities?” 

2. From the competitors:

If you want to sell to one particular client, look at your client’s direct competitors. Ask yourself:
“What are their competitors doing that my target client is not? How can my product / service help them do this?”
For example, if the competitors are launching a deep price cut, most likely, your target client is trying to deal with this problem.
It might be time consuming doing the research on competitive information.
Want to save some time? Owler is a great tool to find information about a company and their competitors.

3. Talk to the insiders:

Nothing is more powerful than spending 30 minutes talking to an industry insider. You are able to get lots of inside scoops and your prospect’s urgent pain point.

More simply, you can ask: “What are the biggest challenges this company is facing right now?” and get lots of inspirations from the insiders.

How do you discover industry insiders?

Look at your past colleagues or check LinkedIn to see whether you are connected with people within the industry.

If someone you know is connected to a particular industry insider, you can also ask for a business introduction.

Check out here about how to ask for business introduction as a pro. 

4. Interviews

Company executives are often interviewed. And during the interviews, they would talk about their new projects and the challenges they face, which could be their most urgent pain point.

Pay close attention whenever your target client is being interviewed. They might just spill out their challenges.

A client of mine was targeting Mirus International as a client. Here is the link we found out where Mirus International talks about challenges they face exporting to China.

You can also keep track of your target client’s news by creating Google Alert on the company. Google when email whenever there is any news about your target client. It’s super easy!

5. LinkedIn or company news

Last, but definitely not the least. LinkedIn provides a wealth of knowledge when it comes to discovering your prospects’ pain point.
Check out the LinkedIn page, are your prospects hiring recently? This might mean that they have human resources problem.
Have they had recent personnel changes?
Do they have new product launch?
Are they opening new stores?
What are their biggest initiatives at the moment?
This news could be the source of their neck bleeding pains.
If you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, don’t just track the activity of your prospects, track their competitors as well. This way, you will gain some valuable and timely information about the competition and start your sales conversation with your prospects.

Once you found their urgent pain point that you can solve with your product/service, you can start to frame the entire sales conversation around it.Want to know what I would say to the potential client? Feel free to check out my word-for-word sales scripts to converting conversations into cash.

So, what are your prospects’ neck bleeding pains?

Share with me and I can show you how to start your conversation around it.