Have you been feeling …

  • tired of wasting money on ads or your website.
  • tired of spinning around and chasing after different sales or marketing strategies.
  • tired of working hard, but not getting anything done.

You know that you need to get good clients.

The kind of clients that will give you work year over year, appreciate what you do and can take your business to the next level.

Just imagine the freedom and sense of pride when you get to work with your dream clients.

“Only if I could work with a handful of these big clients!”

At the same time… you might also be wondering…

  • Why would big companies want to work with you?
  • Why would big clients want to work with them, especially since they already work with other similar companies?
  • With so much competition from agencies or established companies, how can a small business sell to big clients?

I can understand if you ever have these doubts. I used to wonder about them as well.

Until I found a system…

Over the past 20 years, my clients and I have sold to…CEO, founders, directors, vice presidents, and other high-value clients

We have sold in tech startups, consumer goods, cosmetic industries, manufacturing, aerospace, financial services and many more…

We have closed over $30 million in sales together… all with a small budget.

So, how did we do it?

How can small entrepreneurs sell to big clients?

In today’s blog post, let me break down the 3 simple steps for a small entrepreneur to sell to big clients.

Step 1. Your UNIQUE offering

If you don’t have a unique offering, you can’t sell to big clients.

Simple as this.


Because, most likely, your big clients are already working with your competitors or been approached by someone offering similar service as you.

So, if you are not offering anything unique, you will have trouble getting any response from your big prospects.

Here is the good news.

We are all unique and capable of offering unique services to our clients. I’d like to call this… your superpower.

You simply need to find your superpower that can solve needs of your clients.

You might wonder: “How do I find my superpower?”

  • Look at your past success stories? Which part of your job contributed to your success?
  • Look at your connections. Do you have special access to important people in the industry or your target clients?
  • Look at your past career. What experience did you have to give you special insights on the service you offer right now?
  • Do a competitive analysis of your industry. List your biggest competitors and their offers. What makes you competitive? Need more ideas, check out my other blog: 8 Tips to Increase Your Competitive Advantage.


Step 2. Selling to companies with URGENT needs for your service.

If you have a list of prospects that have urgent needs for your service, you are more likely to close sales with them.

But, how do you know that they have urgent needs for your service?

It is not hard, as long as you know where to look.

When it comes to discovering urgent needs, you need to find the trigger events.

What are trigger events? Trigger events are the events that arise and create an urgent need for your service.

Take a look at one of my clients’ examples.

Jackie owns a PR agency and wants to get in front of fashion companies. We looked for companies that are launching new products and we also looked for ways to get in front of them.

In less than one week, Jackie got in front of her ideal client.


Because we target companies with urgent needs for her service.

Here is another example.

Jenn is a client of mine. She just launched a recruiting agency specializing in the healthcare industry.

To find companies with urgent needs for her service, my sales team looked through the top job sites to find companies that have posted the largest number of job offerings. This allowed us to find companies that have urgent need to find qualified candidates.

Now, Jenn has a list of prospects with urgent needs for their service. We are now building the sales system to help her sell to these prospects!


“You need at least 7 contact points before you can close the sales.”

Have you tried different activities to help you sell but never get the results you want?

You attend networking events.
You connect with people on LinkedIn.
You meet many people in the industry.

You had one sales strategy in mind. But, before you know it, you are doing something else completely different.

In the end, you seem very busy but just can’t seem to get the results you want.

Isn’t it frustrating?

I have been there!

As a small entrepreneur, your life can be busy. And, there are so many experts telling you the best and quickest ways to sell and make big bug.

Here is what I think, after 20 years in sales.

There are many ways to sell successfully… as long as you stay CONSISTENT and RELEVANT.

Your prospects need time to get to know you and your service.

Having a consistent sales system is the only way to build trust and demonstrate your value.

So, instead of trying to do all, pick one prospecting strategy and stay focused and consistent.

So, are you ready to go after big clients? Let me know how it goes.

Together, let’s make big sales!


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